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The River Valley Horsecamp near Farmington, IA has a lot to offer as you will see on this website but I want to list a few on this page that do not have their own separate spot on the menu. Just because they are not listed separately on the menu does not mean that they do not add a lot to the complex, because they definitely do and add to the comfort and convenience of campers. Listed below is a brief description of eight (8) items that help to make River Valley Horsecamp the great place that it is. Following all the descriptions you will find a titled picture of each item mentioned.

  1. Shower House - this is a separate building that is divided into two (2) sections, one for men and the other for women. The men's side is decorated with camo walls, western lights, and deer blind seats. The women's side is decorated in copper, cedar, and pine, and includes a makeup area. Of course both sides also include showers and restrooms and the facilities are handicapped accessible.
  2. Laundry, Family Restroom, & Office - this complex was built on a location that was originally a limestone and gravel quarry and the original scale house was totally remodeled and converted into a coin operated laundry, family restroom and office. The scales are still intact which makes this a unique structure with a very practical use.
  3. Bunk House - the bunk house is actually another historical building that was on the property. It is the former 19th century historic one room Salubria Schoolhouse. Although it has been totally remodeled to look like a log cabin inside, it still has an original chalkboard from another old school in the immediate area. This unique building will sleep six (6) individuals (some say more than that) and offers heat, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and lights than can be dimmed. The bunk house includes a mini fridge and microwave. Bring your own bedding/sleeping bags, pillows, dishes, etc. If you don't have a camper this is excellent for overnight accommodations. The daily price of $100.00 includes one stall. 
  4. One Room Cabin - It may look like an old log cabin but it is new and cozy. The cabin is air conditioned and heated and includes a mini fridge, microwave and a great front porch. Bring your own bedding/sleeping bags, pillows, dishes, etc. The daily price of $75.00 includes one stall. This distinctive one room cabin would make for quaint honeymoon or anniversary lodging. Of course, it does not have to be a special occasion to rent the cabin for a night or two.   
  5. The Iowa Territory "Injun Fort" -  the kids will think that this is the ultimate western playground. Complete with a sand play area, a jail house door, and wooden guns to guard the fort. There is no doubt that the "Injun Fort" will be the perfect sitter.
  6. Four Horse Barns - each barn has twenty (20) 12' by 12' covered box stalls and one is included with each campsite that is rented. People that have more than one horse may put two (2) horses in one (1) stall or they can rent another stall for a small fee.
  7. Horse Wash and Rolling Area - this is just another amenity for the horses which Steve and Carolyn think should be as comfortable as their owners. Although Farmington does not have a car wash, it definitely has a horse wash (see picture below).
  8. Horse Arena - the horse arena is very well fenced and measures 140' by 250'. A full one (1) foot of sand was hauled in to make an excellent base for the arena. This is a great area for warm up riding or even training.
  9. Other Items & Services Available - soft drinks, ice, and firewood are available for sale on the premises. Just up the road approximately one mile in Farmington you will find two restaurants, a convenience store, a grocery store and more to supply your needs.   

A Look at Everything Mentioned Above (click on images to enlarge)

The Shower HouseCombination Office, Laundry, & Family Restroom

This Bunk House Sleeps SixWhat a Cozy One Room Cabin

The Iowa Territory Injun FortTwo Horse Barns That Each Contain 20 Box Stalls

The Horse Wash and Rolling AreaThe Large Arena With Some Activity

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